Today is the start of something new. Let me explain –

At the start of each year I set one resolution that will take a year to complete. Last year, for example, I resolved to run 2016km (1252 miles). That’s 3.4 miles. Everyday. I met my goal.

This year is going to take things in an entirely different direction. I resolve to become a web developer by the end of 2017.

It’s going to be very challenging, and I’m only beginning to understand some of the challenges in achieving this goal. The past month I’ve spent pouring over “Web Development 101” from The Odin Project, an open-source web developer curriculum compiling all the best lessons from around the web. This first part, Web Development 101, contains mini-segments for all of the languages in the project. I’ve already learned a fair amount from each HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails Framework. I also have done some independent studies in Python.

To achieve this ambitious goal I devote at least 30 minutes per day to working on the project. Most days I get so focused on finishing a segment that I spend 2+ hours after work learning. With the skills I’ve developed over the past month I am feeling confident in my skill set — which brings me to the beginning. Today is the start of something new.

I bought my own website today. It’s not much right now, but it’s mine.

I intend to turn it into a portfolio of my work showing off all I can bring to the table. Along the way I’ll be updating this blog for self-reflection as well as a log to record progress. Perhaps you too are getting started with coding. I hope this blog serves you well and inspires you to continue what you’re doing.

Originally published at on February 3, 2017.

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